Tui Na/ Chinese Medical Massage

Tui Na health massage is one of the cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine, translating as Grasp and Pull, it is a style of deep tissue massage, working to activate the same systems as those in Acupuncture.

Whilst similar to Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, Tui Na not only works allĀ  the layers of the muscle in the body, it also opens the meridians which helps to balance and harmonise the energy of the body. Different techniques are used to work the muscles, some can be uncomfortable as the blockages in the body are released and can result in side effects commonly associated with deep tissue massage such as stiffness and soreness. We work very closely with our clients to minimise any side effects and maximise benefits.

We have have great success in treating back pain, shoulder problems and sporting injuries and each therapist has their own specialities.

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